Moon Watch: Thunder Moon Eclipse

So...what a Thunder Moon anyway?

A Thunder Moon Eclipse is a penumbral lunar eclipse and it only happens in July. It's name derives from the summer storms that take place around July.  It’s also known as the Buck Moon. This is because male deer lose their antlers during this time of year.

The Thunder Moon/Buck Moon (it's whatever you want to call it of the two) will move into Earth’s outer shadow. This creates a penubral eclipse. About a third of the full moon will be covered by the Earth’s shadow, in other words we wont see that part, but it’s for sure worth looking up at moon at just the right time. 

Calling Maranda Priestly (my FAVORITE movie Boss Lady)!!

July's Full Moon is sure to bring out your inner boss, the go getter in you, and brings out your hunger for success. So now is the perfect time to set professional goals and go get it! Take some time for yourself to map out what success looks like for you. Step by step. May this is how it goes; I will allot myself X amount of time to work on X every day.” “I will reach out to these X by the end of the week.” “I’m giving myself a budget of this much money to enter X and y.” “I’m going to become my own boss, damnit, and here’s how.”

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